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0006 – Reviews platform based only on negative feedback

Most of the time people only leave negative reviews, while if they are satisfied they leave nothing. There should be a platform for rating which relies only on negative reviews left by users, while "figuring out" the positive ones (maybe in percentage?). This way the...

0005 – Road Accidents Commercial

A commercial to raise awareness on road accidents: A person is walking and looking at their phone, when he bumps into another person. A slow-motion sequence begins where the two people bodies deforms and shatters (with close-ups on their faces) like if they were two...

0004 – People’s photowall

Setting up a PO box and let random people from all over the world send you their most meaningful photo with a brief description on the back saying why. Then cover an entire wall with these photos attached with pins.

0001 – Collab band

A band which doesn't have a singer, but makes sing their songs to featured singers from other bands only. Like DidYouKnowGaming on YouTube, but for songs.